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RECIPE: Protein Custard Pancakes

I received quite a few messages from followers asking how I made my protein pancakes posted on my story this morning. So I thought I'd type up the recipe here.

I have come to absolutely love cooking - however, I love making up recipes through trial and error - as opposed to following someone else's. I suppose it's a creative outlet for me.

These pancakes were the softest, thickest, creamiest most delicious pancakes I have ever made. They took me approx 10 mins to prep and 10 mins to cook. It's an incredibly easy recipe to follow as long as you have one key ingredient: Muscle Nation Vanilla Casein Custard. If you like custard, then you will LOVE these. The custard can be purchased here.


Makes 5 x small pancakes

  • 2 x scoops of Muscle Nation Vanilla Casein Custard

  • 2 x eggs

  • 45g self-raising flour

  • 2 x tablespoons Greek yoghurt

  • 100mls almond milk

  • 1 x teaspoon vanilla essence

  • 1/4 x teaspoon baking powder


  • Combine all of the above ingredients in a mixing bowl, mixing until smooth

  • Heat up a non-stick frying pan

  • Optional: Place egg rings on the frying pan and spoon batter into the rings (This gives them the perfect, consistent round shape)

  • Wait until pancakes start bubbling, then flip

  • Once cooked on both sides, use a knife to gently slide the pancake out of the egg ring

  • Garnish with toppings of your choice. I used strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, choc chips and maple syrup.

If you follow this recipe, please let me know if you liked them!

Ash x

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