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The Countdown is Over..

As gyms in NSW are officially reopening as of tomorrow, here are a few things to keep in mind..

1. Don't go too hard too fast

After not being in the gym for 3 months +, i know it can be tempting to go straight into a big week of training but if you've been out of your standard training routine, your body just won't be up for it. This would leave you with serious DOMS (Delayed on-set muscle soreness) as well as the increased risk of developing injuries - which would not be an ideal way to start. Ensuring you warm up effectively will also help combat the risk of developing injuries. It will also be a shock to your nervous system if you haven't consistently lifted anything heavy for a while. Gradually build up your training intensity and volume as the weeks progress in order to build a solid foundation (e.g. no 1RM's for a while!)

2. Manage your expectations

Don't be disappointed if you can't lift as much as you did, pre- COVID19, or if your aerobic capacity falls short. This is to be expected. It's okay to start lighter and work your way back up. Avoid comparing yourself to others - we're all at different stages. Some of us have had no access to equipment whatsoever, some may have been doing more training due to increased amount of time available. Give yourself the space and time to accept that your training may not be exactly how you left off.

3. Get a coach

If you've got specific health, fitness or strength goals, invest in a good coach to help guide and educate you on the best way possible for yourself to progress. Going to the gym without a plan will never get you the results you'd like. A coach will also be able to assist in easing you back into your fitness regime in a safe and effective manner. Some people may have put on an extra few kg's during this lock down period too - so if that's you, having a coach to educate you on tracking your macros and assisting with accountability and support is invaluable!

4. Expect change & comply with regulations

Most gyms will have some significant changes now in place. Some of these may include, reduced class sizes, booking systems for the gym floor, increased hygiene protocols and different exercise selection (e.g no partner workouts, no high fives, no communal equipment e.g. boxing gloves) Wash your hands, always use a towel and don't attend if you're not feeling 100%.

See you in the gym! ;)

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