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Back On Track

During lockdown it is really easy to stray from our health and fitness routines. Our lives are different, our energy output levels are likely lower, the gyms are closed and motivation might be at an all time low. If you're in Sydney like me, we have at least another month.

Below are some tips that have helped me to get back on track that you might also find helpful.

  • Remind yourself of what it is you want to achieve. And why. Have your goals changed since lockdown began? Are you more focused on moving for mental health or do you have a specific goal you want to achieve during this time? Write it all down. Be specific and be clear about what it is you're hoping to achieve.

  • Clear out your kitchen of foods you're likely to overeat. Do a big grocery shop of fruits, vegetables and good quality sources of protein.

  • Focus on the important things. Give yourself goals in the below target areas:

    • A daily step goal

    • A daily water intake goal

    • A nutrition goal e.g. a daily calorie goal OR keep it even simpler and aim to have vegetables with your dinner every night for a week.

    • A sleep goal e.g. go to bed 30 mins earlier.

  • Start small and keep it simple. Implement small habits that lead you towards your goals and build up slowly over time. Small incremental changes are more sustainable. A lot of the time it can be tempting to completely overhaul your life. But this is a lot harder to maintain.

  • Have an accountability partner. Someone who might have similar goals to yourself that you can check in with regularly to support and encourage each other. Working with someone definitely can help keep you on track and motivated. Schedule a walk or a workout in with a friend. If your friend is at the park waiting for you, you'll be alot more likely to get it done.

  • Find an online coach. Have a program to follow and guide you. If you have a workout program to follow, it takes out the time spent wondering what you should be doing. This creates a path of less resistance as half the work is already done for you.

Don't overcomplicate it. Keep it simple. Don't wait for motivation. We don't suddenly become motivated and then take action. It's usually the other way around. We take action. Action builds momentum. Momentum brings results. Results brings motivation.

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