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My Favourite Snacks Under 100 Calories

If you're currently in a fat loss phase then this ones for you!

I am the type of person who even when I am dropping body fat, i like to snack all the time. I love eating. And this makes losing fat incredibly hard when your maintenance calories are already so low. I have spent too many hours in Woolworth's looking at the nutritional labels for so many products (I've become great at interpreting labels). I have managed to find some delicious low calorie snacks that i rotate throughout the week that i will share with you! Eating these makes it hardly feel like you're on a 'diet' because they're all so delicious!

First and foremost, a healthy balanced diet consisting of mostly fruit and vegetables is optimal! Please consider these as an addition to an already balanced diet. These ideas should definitely not replace whole meals, and should be enjoyed as an addition to your diet.

1. Table of Plenty Dark Chocolate Rice Crackers

At first, i was somewhat put off at the thought of having chocolate on rice crackers. It seemed like a strange combination to me. Eventually i decided to try them, and i am never going back. They are definitely my all time favourite low calorie snack. I recommend buying the snack packs - already portioned out so you can't eat too many at once. 4 rice crackers per individual serve is only 68 calories. Find them in the health food isle.

2. Fibre 1 Bars

These bars are great because they come in a variety of flavours. They are the consistency/texture of a cake and are great as a 'dessert' if you're the type of person who craves something sweet after dinner. My favourite is the carrot cake or the chocolate fudge. They are only 90 calories for each bar and are also incredibly cheap to buy. Find them in the muesli bar isle.

3. Diced Peach Cups

An all time classic - how can you go wrong with these? Fruit will always be a great snack, and these are super convenient to take to work/school with you. Just don't forget a spoon! Depending on the brand you buy they are are usually about 70-90 calories. Find them in the tinned fruit isle.

4. JellyLite Jelly

This one doesn't really need explaining! Perfect for an after dinner treat, or just as a snack, Jellylite Jelly is a great little snack when you feel like something sweet and have minimal calories left in your day. They have next to no calories - at 7 calories per serve! Find them in the jelly section.

5. Crumpets

This one is thanks to my mum! I hadn't even realised that they were so low in calories until she told me. They're only 83 calories per crumpet which is incredibly low- much lower than i expected. They're great as a snack for morning tea or for breakfast. If you're conscience of calories just make sure not to use a high calorie spread on them. I love them toasted with manuka honey - delicious!

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